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More Than a Song is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to helping you discover the truth of Scripture hidden in today’s popular Christian music.

My name is Michelle Nezat and my goal is to teach you to connect portions of God’s Word with the songs you are singing along with on the radio; to help you meditate on Truths that will transform your way of thinking and ultimately your life.

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Friday With Friends Featuring Rachel Cash with Mixtape Theology

Welcome to Friday With Friends! I have the distinct privilege of meeting incredible followers of Christ who have amazing ministries, fascinating careers, and incredible hobbies and pet projects that flow out of their identity in Christ. While my podcast is a solo show, I still want a venue to introduce you to these friends…

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Change Your Music…Change Your Life

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Music is a powerful art form. Not only does it become the soundtrack of our lives, but it can affect the way we think and view the world. My free 30-day music challenge walks you through listening exclusively to Christian music for 30 days.

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I create one-page worksheets to complement my podcast episodes from time to time. They offer a hands-on approach to implementing the Bible Interaction Tool Exercises (BITEs) I discuss on the podcast. This is the complete archive all in one place!

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