Podcast #138: “Great Are You Lord” by One Sonic Society

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

I have a daughter who lacks focus. The more I think about it, the more I think she gets it from me. I read multiple books at once, stop my project at work to read the email that just came in, and get distracted by social media with the rest of them. But what if I slowed down and really unpacked ONE thought from Scripture? This is what happened for me this week as I used “Great Are You Lord” as sung by One Sonic Society to seek truth from God’s Word.


Hopefully I’ve raised a few questions this week to really get you thinking, too.

On this episode I discuss:

  • Getting “stuck” with where to go in Scripture
  • Considering the truth that God’s breath is in our lungs – Genesis 2:7
  • Biblical worldview
  • Determining how the truth that God’s breath is in our lungs will shape our worldview
  • The idea that we are not significant because God needed us – we are significant because God wanted us
  • A reference to Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem
  • Analyzing what I pour out with the breath of God in my lungs
  • An example of impacting culture using a Biblical worldview – Acts 17:16-31
  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – our Bible Interaction Tool Exercise this week is:
    • Meditate on Scripture


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.

Additional Resources

Download the single or entire EP by clicking the link below.


This Week’s Challenge

I give you permission to stay on one verse this week. Genesis 2:7 tells us that God himself placed His breath in our lungs. What is the significance of this? Each day this week stop at least once and consider your breath and ponder the idea that it came from God. Analyze what you breath out. Write it down. Use the song to incorporate breathing out worship to God. Need more? Read our story in Acts 17, or read Psalm 145, Psalm 96, or Psalm 48 and recognize that God is worthy of our praise.

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