Podcast #301: “The Name of Emmanuel” by Matt Redman

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

What a name our Savior was given! Emmanuel – God With Us. Names in the Bible held great significance, and this one was no different. How exactly did God choose to BE “with us?” He arrived as a baby! This week we use Matt Redman’s song, “The Name of Emmanuel” to explore the humanity of Christ.

This is definitely something I have skimmed over in the past. I can’t wait to share what I found with you!

On this week’s episode I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Repetition
    • Make a List
    • Meditation
    • Explore a Topic
    • Utilize an outside resource
  • Exploring the topic of incarnation – a term used by theologians to indicate that Jesus, the Son of God, took on human flesh
  • Starting in John 1:1-5, 9-14 and making a list of everything we learn about The Word
  • During Jesus’ earthly ministry no one questioned his humanity, but it wasn’t long after Jesus’ ascension that questions arose about this
    • You see John trying to answer this argument in 1 John 4:1-3, and 2 John 1:7
  • Using a DesiringGod.org article as a jumping off point for further study
  • The human body of Jesus
    • He was born – Luke 2:7
    • He grew – Luke 2:40, 52
    • He got worn out – John 4:5-6
    • He got thirsty – John 19:28
    • He got hungry – Matthew 4:2
    • He got weak – Matthew 4:11, Luke 23:26
  • The heart and emotions of Emmanuel
    • He marveled – Matthew 8:10
    • His soul was sorrowful – Matthew 26:28
    • He was deeply moved and troubled and wept – John 11:33-35
    • He prayed with loud cries and tear – Hebrews 5:7
  • Even though He was God, Jesus surrendered His human will to the Father – John 6:38, Matthew 26:39
  • How Jesus being LIKE us impacts His ministry TO us – Hebrews 2:5-18, Hebrews 4:14-16

Check out the official audio on YouTube below.

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This Week’s Challenge

Keep reading Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. Continue making observations and writing them down. Take a little time this week to ponder the incarnation. Consider that this baby born in a manager is Emmanuel…God with us. Really take in both sides of The Word — His divinity and complete humanity.

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