Podcast #360: Graves Into Gardens ft. Brandon Lake by Elevation Worship

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

We spend so much time trying to make things happen in our lives. This last year has shown us globally how little control we have. Elevation Worship’s song “Graves Into Gardens” reminds us that God does transformational things and is the only One Who can.

Let’s use this song to send us to the words of a prophet and a king to learn more about our transformational God.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Consider the historical background
    • Start with God
    • Ask questions
    • Make a list
  • The 30-Day Music Challenge – ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE HERE
  • My prayer for my listeners is that God will give you an unreasonable desire for His Word that leads to an unsurpassable relationship with Him
  • God Himself is our goal, and our priority must be our Father and His kingdom
  • Spending time in Isaiah 61 in Episode 282
  • Our starting-point verse that uses the phrase “mourning to dancing” – Psalm 30:11
  • Gaining historical perspective by consulting my study Bible – ESV Study Bible
  • Observing concrete details in the life of David, empathizing with those details, and translating that into worshiping God from the same place
  • Starting with God by asking questions of the text that lead us to Him
  • A trusted resource to teach us how to ask questions of the text – “Asking the Right Questions” by Matthew Harmon
  • Making lists of God’s character, conduct, and concerns revealed in Psalm 30
  • Discovering more transformations in Isaiah 61

We are righteous trees planted by the Lord to glorify Him and to be an example to the nations. God does that. And he’s the only one who can.

Check out the official live performance video of this week’s song below!

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Additional Resources

Weekly Challenge

Spend some time in Psalm 30 and Isaiah 61 this week. Try starting with God as you interact with the text. Seek where you can learn more about His character, conduct, and concerns. Identify some of the transformations we sing about in our song that are directly reflected in the text, but don’t stop there! Pray and listen for what God wants you to learn from His Word.

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