Podcast #74: “Flawless” by MercyMe

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

My thoughts looked like frayed rope after a hard game of tug-of-war as I sought what Scripture would tell me about my sin-nature vs. Spirit control. This all came about after choosing “Flawless” by MercyMe as my inspiration song this week.


How can I be flawless when, just this week, I’ve proven that I’m flawed? Let’s find out together! Along with the podcast, I’ve created a resource to challenge you to seek truth in context. Check it out!

In this episode, I discuss the following:

  • Team Grace vs. Team Sin-Nature
  • An example of Paul’s own tug-of-war – Romans 7:18-20
  • The war waged in our minds – Romans 7:23 and Galatians 5:17
  • Team Grace says, “It’s paid for,” while Team Sin-Nature says, “I’m still in charge.”
  • Truth is defined by God regardless of perception or observation
  • Sin-Nature is NOT in charge if the Spirit of the Living God lives in me – Romans 8:9
  • Don’t fall prey to our drive-through, fast-food, sound-bite society
  • A great article by Rachel Barach – specifically her point that “The Bible Is Not Easy”
  • The resistance of “I don’t get this!”
  • Taking a statement out of context because we fail to read past chapters or section headings – Romans 7:25 vs. Romans 8:1-4
  • If I am tempted to give into my sinful desires, I need to instead give myself completely to God

Enjoy the official music video below.

Additional Resources

This Week’s Challenge

Spend some time in Romans 5-8 like I did this week. Just for fun, I’m going to send you on a quest. I’m calling it Junk in the Trunk: A Quest for Context. I gave you one example today in Romans where if you had failed to keep reading or taken a statement out of context, you would have misinterpreted Scripture. Through a story and activity, I will help you think critically about God’s Word and ensure that you read in context!

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