Podcast #86: “Glow in the Dark” by Jason Gray

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

Flashy sells. I get that. But consider a flash…it is a bright light that lasts for a moment. This week’s song, “Glow in the Dark” by Jason Gray, sings about shining right where we are. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul gives us some practical ways to do that over time…not just in bursts.


Use this week’s song to inspire you to read Philippians. I know this world is dark, but we’re in this struggle together, and God’s Word can change us from the inside out.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • My process to write each podcast, which is what keeps me in God’s Word each week
  • The power of sharing what God is teaching you with others
  • The verse in Philippians that inspired some of the lyrics in “Glow in the Dark” by Jason Gray – Philippians 2:15
  • The value of vast amounts of resources that can assist us in our walk with Christ
  • The warning that comes with the vast amounts of resources designed to assist us in our walk with Christ that can actually lure us away from reading God’s Word for ourselves
  • Matt Chandler’s book “To Live is Christ to Die is Gain” as an additional resource in the study of Philippians
  • The power of interacting with God’s Word vs. just reading God’s Word
  • The idea that when you open the door to a dark room, darkness never floods the room filled with light
  • The story behind the song – article
  • The truth that we are in this struggle together – Philippians 1:29
  • Focusing on the things we can control not on the people and circumstances we can’t
  • The conduct required of us as citizens of heaven – Philippians 1:27
  • The list of do’s and don’ts in Philippians 2
  • How overwhelming this simple list is, but the promise God offers – Philippians 2:13
  • Holding firmly to the Word of Life vs. holding firmly to our own ideas or positions

Enjoy the official lyric video below.

Additional Resources

This Week’s Challenge

Read Philippians. Read in a version that is easy to read (I like the New Living Translation.) Interact with the Word. Make a list of do’s and don’ts in this section of Scripture. There is power in writing down the words yourself. Pray and ask God to speak to you through His Word and change how you think and act. Ask Him to give you the desire AND the power to do what pleases Him. That is a prayer He will most definitely answer. And SHARE…share with someone else what you are learning. Sow the seed that has been sown in you.

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