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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

Welcome to Friday With Friends! I have the distinct privilege of meeting incredible followers of Christ who have amazing ministries, fascinating careers, and incredible hobbies and pet projects that flow out of their identity in Christ.

While my podcast is a solo show, I still want a venue to introduce you to these friends as examples of the multifaceted ways God works in and through His people.

In this episode, I have the privilege of hosting my friend Rachel Cash, co-author of Mixtape Theology, to talk about her dedication to God’s Word and the pivotal decisions she made to lead her to this stage in life.

It won’t take you long to understand why Rachel and I are friends. Scriptural truths overflow out of her heart, and she remains on a path to go deeper and deeper.

Both Mixtape Theology, the podcast, and Mixtape Theology, the book, are part devotional and part 90s retrospective. Similar to how More Than a Song explores contemporary Christian music, they explore the Bible verses behind their favorite 90s CCM songs, resulting in a fuller understanding of God and His redemptive plan.

Memorable Mentions

Rachel discusses one of the motivating factors that keeps her in the Word: her God-given assignment to disciple her kids. She recommends “Snackable Theology” by Andrew Doane.

A devotional and retrospective inspired by 90s Christian music & culture.

Rachel explains the story behind the book Mixtape Theology: A Bible Study & Retrospective Inspired by 90s Contemporary Christian Music and Culture.

Rachel shares that the book includes 35 devotions based on 90s CCM hit songs to deepen understanding of theological concepts and inspire meditation, obedience, and worship. It also includes 12 often humorous retrospectives that harness nostalgia to motivate readers to keep reading and studying—AND other fun comics and surprises for you to enjoy as you read.

Rachel talks about how Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Savior” led her to Scripture and deeper theology. This is a BONUS discussion as this devotion is not in the book. Enjoy the song above.

A couple of Rachel’s favorite ways to interact with Scripture are to understand the historical context and to listen to an audio version of the text. She likes the Dwell App.

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