Podcast #203: “Get Down” by Finding Favour

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

I find it fascinating which prayers and songs God chose to include in His Word. Of all the prayers lifted in all of time it’s a good idea for us to explore the ones included in Scripture. Finding Favour’s song, “Get Down,” is our inspiration to learn more about one of Daniel’s prayers.

I can’t wait for you to see how much you learn about God in this prayer.

On this episode I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Read-and-keep-on-reading
    • Ask questions
    • Use outside resources
  • Learning what we can from the prayers recorded in the Bible
  • Asking good questions, like:
    • What details were important to include in this prayer?
    • What revelation about God is included?
      • Have they mentioned his conduct, character, or concerns?
    • What was requested in the prayer?
    • What is the historical and physical context of the prayer?
    • Why was God being sought in that moment?
    • What was the result of the prayer?
    • How did the result change the course of God’s kingdom, bring God glory, or affect the person praying?
    • What can I learn about the person lifting the prayer?
    • Is there anything I want to emulate or avoid?
  • An amazing outside resource for Bible timelines – www.BibleHistory.com
  • The timeline of the two characters we are exploring…Daniel and Nehemiah
    • 605 BC Daniel is captured and taken to Babylon
    • 586 BC Jerusalem is completely destroyed and the rest of God’s people are taken captive
    • 537 BC King Cyrus decrees resettlement of Jerusalem
    • 520 BC The people resume rebuilding of the temple
    • 444 BC Nehemiah rebuilds the walls
  • Background of how Daniel ended up in the kings service – Daniel 1:3-5 and Daniel 1:18-21
  • How Daniel intervenes in a crisis – Daniel 2:14-19
  • Daniel’s prayer – Daniel 2:20-23
  • Applying our questions to Daniel’s prayer
  • A quick introduction of Nehemiah (CHALLENGE: Explore his prayer on your own!)


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.

Additional Resources

This Week’s Challenge

Choose Daniel or Nehemiah (or both) to explore this week to read-and-keep-on-reading. Then make a list of questions you want to explore the answers to as you zero in on Daniel’s, or Nehemiah’s, prayer.

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