Podcast #93: “Be One” by Natalie Grant

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

The message of this week’s song, “Be One” by Natalie Grant, challenges us to be a miracle in the lives of others. Instead of pointing our fingers at others and saying, “I need,” we should raise our hands and say, “I will!” Deborah, in the Book of Judges was this type of person. What can we learn from her story?


Also, Deborah’s story ends in a song. I always love that!

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Meditation and what Biblical meditation looks like – Psalm 119:15
  • How Deborah is introduced in Scripture – Judges 4:4-5
  • What it might have been like to be a woman in the social and political position she was in
  • Understanding the environment Deborah served God in by reading in context – Judges 2:7, 10-16, 18-19
  • That judges were placed in authority by God to rescue His people
  • How God left hardships in place to test and teach His people – Judges 2:22-23, Judges 3:1-2
  • Barak and his inclusion in the “Hall of Faith” – Hebrews 11:32-33
  • The story of how God used Deborah, Barak, and another woman, Jael, to accomplish His purposes – Judges 4
  • How the story ends with a song!

Enjoy the official lyric video below.

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This Week’s Challenge

Read Deborah’s story in Judges 4-5 for yourself! Hopefully I’ve given you a few footholds to begin to scale the walls of Judges. You may even consider starting in chapter one and make your way to and through chapters 4 and 5! Don’t just read it, though. Meditate on it! Think your way through the characters and their story.

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