Podcast #329: “Love” by We Are Messengers

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I’m Michelle Nezat and I hope to inspire you to discover and meditate on God’s Word through the songs you’re listening to on the radio.

Loneliness may be a time when we long to huddle close to to the love of God. We Are Messengers sings a message from God to the lonely in their song “Love.” The apostle John issues a challenge to believers when it comes to the love of God. The song and Scripture come together on this week’s podcast.

Let’s dive into 1 John and see what we can learn together.

On this week’s episode I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture – this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Read in context
    • Read and keep on reading
    • Read an overview/introduction to the book
    • Repetition
    • Read in a variety of translations
    • Complete a word study
    • Consider the opposite
  • The 30 Day Music Challenge – ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE HERE
  • The story behind the song – YouTube
  • Knowing and believing the love the God has for us – 1 John 4:16
  • Learning about how the apostle John centers his message on “the application of basic tests in one’s life to confirm that salvation has truly occurred” – BlueLetterBible.org Introduction
  • Focusing in on 1 John 4:7-21
  • Recognizing the link between loving God and loving others – 1 John 4:7-12
  • A discussion of how God’s love was revealed
  • A word study on “propitiation” – BibleHub.com
  • Considering the opposite of God’s love – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
  • Following John’s reasoning regarding abiding
  • Understanding that our unbroken relationship with God is inextricably linked to our ability to love each other
  • A word study on “perfected” – BibleHub.com
  • How the teaching of love without fear is in the direct context of our love for others

Check out the official music video of our song on YouTube below.

More Than a Song Playlist

Additional Resources

  • Lyrics – Klove
  • “Love” by We Are Messengers Story Behind the Song – YouTube

Weekly Challenge

Let the truth of God’s Word challenge you this week as you study the link between God’s love for us and our love for others. Read 1 John all the way through, get your overall bearings through a good introduction, and then dig into the focus area of 1 John 4:7-21.

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